Info for Schools Wanting Computers

Information for schools and not for profit organizations regarding the procurement of computer related equipment through Ruth's Reusable Resource.

*Computers and related electronic equipment is available only to public and private schools and not for profit organizations.

* Schools and not for profit organizations do not need to be a member of Ruth's Reusable Resource to procure computers or related equipment.

*A minimal handling fee is charged for most current  CPUs, Laptops and LCD displays.  The price is determined by the date of manufacture and the machine's specs.

*Unless noted,  most computers to not come with operating systems installed. However, most CPUs come with license for the operating system to be installed by the receiving organization.  

*Ruth's Reusable Resources does not install operating systems on CPUs or laptops but will provide some instruction on proper procedure in installing operating systems.

*3Rs takes organization checks, PO's, and cash. Credit cards are not accepted at this time.

* Not for profit status is required to receive electronic equipment. Evidence of the organization's 501c3  tax  status may be requested to prove non-profit status.

* Bill of Sale, list of serial numbers as well as a signature request for proper recycling will be provided at time of pickup.

*You will be required to sign a promissory note stating that your school/not for profit organization will recycle the equipment in accordance with Maine laws and regulations at the end of the equipment's use.

* It is the school/not for profits responsibility to pick up equipment at 3R's located in Portland, Maine  (directly off exit 46-Portland Jetport)

* 3R's has a loading dock and can palletize, wrap and load vehicles that are high enough to reach the loading platform.

* Equipment is on a first to order first to get basis. 3R's will hold an order for up to 1 week providing there is available space and the request for late pick up is made ahead of time. Any orders not picked up are subject to be placed back into inventory and will be made available again to others.
* To the best of 3R's ability we make every attempt to assure that all computer equipment is in working condition. If equipment is found not to be working,  3R's must be contacted within 4 weeks.  Non-working equipment will be replaced without cost. If a replacement is unavailable,  comparable equipment will be offered for replacement

*For more information about the availability of computer equipment we may have, please email us at